Trailer tyres that are wider and deeper


The latest production line added to Joyall’s Weihai factory.

Are you still looking for the cheapest trailer tyres that are just black and round? You might save money upfront, but the life cycle cost (LCC) of cheap tyres is actually higher than premium tyres when taking into consideration the shorter mileage, more frequent fitting cost, higher fuel consumption, as well as extra tyre disposal fees and your truck’s extra downtime loss.

Introduced to the Australian market in early 2018, Joyall Tyres is a new commercial tyre brand that offers customers superior quality truck tyres, suitable for Aussie road conditions, at affordable prices. After being tested and used for linehaul, urban, regional and mining applications in Australia for over four years, Joyall has developed a product line that is comparable with many renowned brands in both quality and performance.

Joyall’s 235/75R17.5 A605 trailer tyre has an extra-wide tread design and will be introduced in April.

Joyall’s 11R22.5 B875 all-position tyre was developed for mixed road conditions including inland dirt roads, thanks to its reinforced bead and sidewall, special cut and chip resistant tread compound, together with its PBS approval (Performance-Based Standards), making it suitable for the majority of PBS vehicles in Australia.

315/80R22.5 B875 has also been proven to be a great trailer tyre that is tough enough for mining applications.

Joyall Tyres only uses the best possible raw materials and will celebrate eight years of successful partnership with the Belgium-based, leading global steel cord supplier, Bekaert in 2022. Furthermore, Joyall has developed a special tread compound – M6, suitable for Aussie roads with the right balance of cut resistance (less chipping) and wear resistance (more mileage). M6 compound is now available on some of Joyall’s most popular patterns such as B875, A601, B878 and A805.

Wider and deeper trailer tyres perform much better on rough road conditions in outback Australia. Joyall 275/70R22.5 A501 has 22mm tread depth and 246mm tread width, compared to most budget brands with 15mm tread depth and 215mm tread width.

We have received very positive feedback attesting to the premium quality of Joyall trailer tyres and their ability to triple the mileage of some budget brands on dirt roads.

Thanks to the increasing demand for better quality trailer tyres, Joyall is expanding its product range this year. 18ply 235/75R17.5 143/141J A605 trailer tyres will be introduced in April 2022, and its extra-wide tread design (195mm tread width) will make competitors’ products look narrow.

Premium quality trailer tyres last longer, save money in the long run, and are better for the environment with less landfill wastage and lower carbon emissions. Make positive changes today and choose Joyall premium trailer tyres.

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