Joyall Tyres and PROMATA TPMS: A perfect match


Are you still prioritising the cost of tyres over their quality and performance? While opting for the cheapest “black and round” tyres may save you money upfront, the long-term costs associated with their poor performance and durability can end up being much higher than investing in premium tyres.

Additionally, their lower quality can lead to higher fuel consumption, further adding to expenses. And let’s not forget the extra costs associated with tyre disposal fees and your truck’s increased downtime loss.

Since its introduction to the Australian market in early 2018, Joyall Tyres has rapidly emerged as a reputable commercial tyre brand, offering superior quality truck tyres that are tailored to the unique demands of Australian roads at competitive prices.

Over the past five years, Joyall Tyres has extensively tested and refined its products for linehaul, urban, regional and mining applications in Australia. The result is a comprehensive product line that offers exceptional quality and performance, comparable to many established brands in the market.

At Joyall Tyres, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable, durable, and high-performance tyres that offer excellent value for money. Our tyres are engineered to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions, ensuring maximum safety and performance on the road.

Promata MATA T2-2 truck tyre pressure and temperature monitor with sensors

Road safety is always Joyall’s first priority. With that in mind, the company has introduced Mata T2-2 external truck TPMS sensors to Joyall customers. The TPMS truck sensors make easy work of tyre inflation pressure checks and internal temperature checking – both of which not only help save fuel and keep tyre costs down but, more importantly, save lives.

Joyall Tyres only uses the best possible raw materials and will celebrate nine years of successful partnership with the Belgium-based, leading global steel cord supplier, Bekaert, in 2023. Furthermore, Joyall Tyres are designed wider and deeper than most competitors, together with Joyall’s reinforced bead and tough-built sidewall, which could significantly improve tyres’ safety and performance. 

Joyall Premium Regional Steer Tyre A503

Investing in premium quality tyres not only guarantees a longer lifespan, but also saves money in the long run, and contributes positively to the environment by reducing landfill wastage and lowering carbon emissions. Moreover, the added benefit of better quality tyres is increased safety on the roads.

Making a conscious decision to choose Joyall’s premium quality tyres means taking a step towards positive change for yourself and the planet. With their advanced technology and superior quality, Joyall tyres are a reliable and sustainable choice. Choose Joyall tyres for a safer, cost-effective and eco-friendly driving experience.

Joyall Tyres Australia is dedicated to promoting safer driving by utilising TPMS technology. As part of our commitment, we are excited to announce that we will be running an exclusive exhibition special at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.

For only A$999+GST, you can upgrade your driving experience with two brand new Joyall 295/80R22.5 A503 premium steer tyres, plus a cutting-edge Promata Mata T2-2 TPMS system. 

Please visit and leave your contact details for free delivery within the Brisbane metropolitan area (we will calculate freight surcharge for delivery to areas outside Brisbane metropolitan upon your request).

Our aim is to educate and inform attendees about the importance of TPMS and how it can enhance their driving experience. With our advanced technology and expert team, we are confident that Joyall Tyres and Promata Automotive can provide valuable insights and solutions for safer driving.

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